Skype Contact : GAMsupport supports Popup and PPC Ad Blocks. Our advanced algorithms help you showcase you brand on targeted websites. The ad formats which we support are -

PPC ads
Promote your brand using our PPC Ad blocks. Choose from a large variety of Banners we support. Your Banner Ads will be displayed on our category Targeted Publisher Websites.

Types of Banner we support –

Text and Photo Ads – Display your Ad along with a photo and a text. These Ads are the most effective because you can promote your brand with a photo along with your description. You can display your photo on the left side of the banner. The headline will link to your site and the text will contain all the description of your side up to xxx characters

Display ads – With our Display banner Ads you can promote your brand on thousands of relevant and categorized publishers on our network. You can create your own custom Banner or can create Banners on our system and upload them. We provide all standard sized Banners for your Campaigns

Popup Ads

Display your website as a full Popup, ensuring that you get the maximum exposure. When someone browses our Publisher’s Website, they can always see you site with Popup advertising because the ads opens up in a new window before the visitors closes the main window.

Promote your brand in simple and easy steps

  • Open your account
  • Now choose what type of Ad campaign you would like to start for your brand
  • Using our Ad creator create your Ad
  • Select the category of your ad and choose the demographics
  • Approval of your Ad campaign is a matter of few minutes, once it is approved you can track your campaign in real timing
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